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Lockdown is an Opportunity to Learn New Skills( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)



Lockdown is an opportunity to learn something new

If you are looking to use your spare or free Lockdown time in the right way, you should try something new to learn. Add another expertise or talent to your CV. There are some top skill ideas that you should learn in Lockdown. Nowadays, many learning apps and websites like and are offering a lot of free courses. You can choose from them according to your interests.

The course should be interesting as long as short, so you do not get bore from that. It can be a plus point for your future and your career too. If you like to spend time with your computer system, then there are lots of options.

The first one is Excel:-Excel skill is a must required. Every Company expects its employees to have basic knowledge of Excel. If you have professional knowledge of Excel, it will be so good for your Job. Excel saves lots of time by adding Excel to your list of skills that can make you a more valuable employee. Sometimes these specialized skills come in use at the most unexpected times. No matter in which field you are working, it is useful for every kind of profession. You can see Lockdown as an opportunity to train yourself with some other great talents.

Learn Photoshop in Lockdown

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The Second one is Photoshop:-

Photoshop is a fascinating tool to enhance your photography skills. You can use Photoshop for better images or add text, graphics, and animation to images. Animated funny GIF also created by Photoshop. You can use Photoshop skills in both ways as a professional or in a casual way. Photoshop also helps in making professional Presentations, and it gives a retouch and an impressive look to your PPT’s. While Photoshop is a powerful editing tool, it has a fun side too. People enjoy working with photoshop. You can not go outside because of Lockdown, but you can keep yourself busy by spending time on these new tools.

Learn Excel in Lockdown

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The third one is Soft skills:-Soft skills are the essential interpersonal skills that make our ability to get things done better on our current jobs and take on new opportunities onwards. Leadership skills are necessary if you are in a senior position to supervise and smartly lead your workers. You can direct your team efficiently if you have soft skills like Communication, Problem-solving, and adaptability skills. A company does like employees who have this type of exceptional talent because they save the organization’s time and money.

The Fourth one is Meditation:-

During Lockdown, you can learn Meditation also. It is a powerful tool to beat Anxiety and keep yourself calm and proactive. Meditation also increases our productivity at work because Meditation helps us to stay concentrated on a thing. Learning new skills like Meditation gives us peace in our life.

Meditation does not mean concentration. Concentration is like a spotlight of a flashlight that focuses only on one place, but Meditation is like a bulb that spreads light in all four directions. Generally, ordinary people’s attention can be of a tiny watt, but the Meditation of yogis is like sunlight, in which everything in the universe gets caught.

Many people forget to understand actions as Meditation – such as Sudarshan Kriya, Transcendental Meditation, and Sahaja Yoga Meditation. On the other hand, the method is also being mistaken for understanding Meditation. Even sitting with eyes closed is not Meditation. Chanting the garland is also not Meditation. It is often said that meditate on God for five minutes – this too is Meditation, not remembrance. Meditation is Freedom from actions and Freedom from thoughts.

The economy is falling due to the “Novel Corona Virus.” We already see the outcomes of this epidemic. A considerable recession is coming in the future, so be ready for that and make yourself better than others. Maybe after Curfew, there will be cut in Jobs or salary, but if a person has capabilities and required skills, the person will not face any problem.

So be prepare yourself for the after results of the Lockdown and learn as much you can.

Thanks for Reading!!

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