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Money Heist on Netflix | Best series to watch in free time



Popular web Series-Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist on Netflix is a popular Spanish web series nowadays. A criminal genius who passes by “The Professor” has the arrangement to pull off the greatest heist in history. For printing the billions of Money in the Royal Mint of Spain. To assist him with making the driven arrangement, he enrolls eight individuals with specific capacities and individuals who have nothing to lose. The gathering of criminals takes prisoners to help in their planning with the specialists. As additional time slips by, they become perfectionists with a plan to stand against the police.

Have not you watch the latest series on Netflix. Perhaps you’re trying to hold everything together during an unprecedented global pandemic, which is valid. The Spanish heist drama has become the latest pop culture phenomenon, and like most great heists. We have got your quick summary of all the released seasons if you did not watch the famous Money heist on Netflix.

Popular web Series Money Heist on Netflix

Money Heist: Season 1 and 2

The first two parts of focus on Royal Mint of Spain. “Professor” hired eight robbers to perform this robbery. Their mission is to take over the Royal Mint in Madrid. They were taking hostages as part of a plan to print and run after with $4.2 billion. For five months, they’ve brought together in a remote location to prepare their proposal. They shared no personal information or with anyone else when they gave the unbreakable rules of the heist. The Professor cleared that no one can know about each other. No person allowed to personal attachments and no violence allowed.

The story would not go longer if those rules did not brake by robbers. The immune system of the Professor was weak. Professor’s health was not good even he managed to impress the Inspector. Money Heist on Netflix become the favorite show.

Season 3 and 4

The third part, which arrived in Winter 2019, is getting the gang back together for heist three years. The Professor and the rest of the team reconnect to rescue after a long time after one of the team members caught by police.

Thieves make many mistakes, and their entire plan does not go as planned. The ending results come in major and twisty suspense. That twist leads straight into Part Four, which debuted on Apr. 3.

Digital Channel Netflix did not contribute to the First 2 Seasons. Netflix comes on the board after the show’s popularity increased.

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Popular web Series Money Heist on Netflix

The cast of the Money Heist:-

Professor(The Master Mind of the Whole idea)

Sergio Marquina is the main character in the series, and he is a very talented and intelligent person who handles bad situations very well.

This character played by the entertainer “Alvaro Morte.”

An organizer had the option to control the whole team of the heist from off-camera, playing with the police and continually fooling them into doing what he needed them to do.

Professor has an ultimate sense of planning, and he did panning of everything in such a way that police face failure always. Everyone loves the character of Professor.

Inspector (Raquel Murillo and lover of Professor)

Inspector(Lisbon) is a character in the Netflix arrangement Money Heist, played by Itziar Ituño. She was playing her role very nicely.

Tokyo(The Robber)

Silene Oliveira, better known by her code-name Tokyo. Tokyo is one of the primary heroes of the Money Heist on Netflix, just as the storyteller of the story. She is a very hyper and interesting character after captured by police in Royal mint. She again comes back in royal mint to complete the heist.

and other main characters are Berlín (Robber)Río (Robber)Denver (Robber)Nairobi (Robber)Helsinki (Robber)Moscow (Robber)Mónica Gaztambide (Hostage)Arturo Román (Hostage)Alison Parker (Hostage)

Money Heist


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